Saturday, 29 September 2007

Philippines badminton

This blog is not meant to be a blog of my personal life but about badminton coaching and strategies, the next post is a bit of both.

I was invited to visit a badminton Academy south of Manila, Rey and his wife, friends that I met kindly drove me there from my condo in Makati. I met up with William & William Gabuelo, a father and son combination, along with Coach PJ they look after and coach many players in 2 different halls on Saturdays.

The first hall was Winners badminton, this is a 14 court hall with cafe, conference rooms, gym,studio and a hairdressers.... you can even have your car washed at the same time !!!
The facilities here was better than anywhere else in the UK even Badminton Englands HQ only has 8 courts. To say the least I was very impressed, the 2nd hall in Las Pinas was also large with I think 8 courts.
The Gabuelo Academy is obviously well organised and run, the junior players that I saw there any coach would be extremely pleased to have them in their squads. There was 2/3 under 11 players that if were in England would I'm sure be selected for the WCS program,they certainly would have had my recommendation, there was also other excellent players at 11 years old. I was allowed to work with some very good teenagers and if they continue to train under the Gabuelo Academy I'm sure will go on to bigger and better things.

There is also a high level of parental support which is essential for any serious badminton training program.

There is a badminton tournament in October which a lot of players will play in, I am looking forward to going there and watching, I want to see anyone that beats some of these players because if they do they will have to be very good.
Philippines badminton, in this area anyway is looking very healthy and good for the future.

Thanks to all for a most enjoyable day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry, so how are things in Manila do they have good players, I see that you are even playing again ........... ?? Aren't they using your coaching skills yet ?

I will email you soon with all the latest news about badminton England.


Norman Sison said...

Hi, Gerry! It's me, Norm. It was really great to have you play with us last Thursday. And now I'm aching all over. I have to take it easy on my right knee from all that lunging. See you on Wednesday.

I'm happy to hear that you see promise in our players here. I've already contacted William Sr. and have offered to help him set up his Bayanihan Shuttle Foundation. See you on Wednesday. Cheers.