Sunday, 1 July 2007

The "split Drop".

The "split drop" or "bounce step" or the "pretension jump" or you may call it something else. This first step is a must for all badminton players but even more so with singles players.

Some people say that the first step is in the mind, ok you could call that perception/experience or anticipation but the first physical movement is the split drop.

The split drop is simply a way of "loading" your leg muscles to prepare them for fast rapid movement, you need to push down to be able to push off fast, in football goalkeepers do it just before they decide which way to dive to make a save. I've even noticed some cricket fielders doing it before the ball is hit in their direction.

If your opponent is smashing/clearing/dropping from the rear court most players do the split drop as the shuttle is hit, personally I prefer my players to make the step slightly before the hit so that they have already bounced and are on the way up, especially when defending the smash. I feel that by doing it that way that they will be that bit earlier to the shuttle. The debate is should you prepare by doing the split step first or should you "react" to your opponent's shot, the argument is valid both ways. Of course during rallies other than from the rear court then it's best to be "reactive".

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This help build explosiveness into your steps and also transitioning from one shot to the next will have better continuity.