Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Quiet time for badminton

The playing season is over, even the training sessions finished last week. My first Saturday... free from badminton......... really looked forward to it.......... ended up doing a private one to one 2 hour session !!!!!
I enjoyed it but am still looking forward to this Saturday so that I can have a badminton free day.

What shall I do ?? I will probably end up watching some badminton videos to analyse. Or maybe even pop into town to buy some more badminton shirts. But at least I will be on my own without a stopwatch/racket/20 shuttles in my hands.

So yes I am looking forward to my badminton free weekend !!!!!


James W said...

I seen you coaching doubles last Tuesday evening !! ;-)

gerry said...

Yes you're right James I did a couple of hours at the University.