Monday, 13 August 2007

My visit to the Philippines

I am preparing for my visit to the Phils this September; I am staying there for over 7 months. I am looking to base myself in Manila but I also want to travel around to other places too.

I am hoping to find 4/6/8 badminton players that I can coach regularly. I hope to find some youngish B,C or maybe even D level players that want to become "A" level standard. Of course they must be prepared to work very hard to achieve their goal.
I am looking for a place that has at least 4 courts and no resident coach as I don't want to step on anyone’s toes.
I am a bit worried about "Filipino" time, I must have players that will be punctual as you can't have players wandering in to join training whenever they like. I am unsure how to deal with this, I will give the players my respect by always being there on time and helping them as much as I possibly can, by the same token I expect them to reciprocate.

We shall see.................


BoneDoc said...

Wow really coach? You're going here? Well you shouldn't miss Davao if you'll travel around Philippines.

I'm not sure where you can find a niche in Manila (been living there for 10 years till last year before I transferred here in Mindanao)but there are numerous badminton courts there you can choose.

If you happen to pass by Davao anytime, email me. I'd be happy to show you around...


Bundok said...

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keyk said...

Hi Coach!
There are lots of badminton courts here in Manila, you'll enjoy coaching here. :) May I volunteer myself as one of your trainees??? :) I'm based in Makati City. Been playing badminton for almost 3 years but not yet achieved the 'A' class. :) If you want any information on some courts, my pleasure to give you.

gerry said...

Hi Keyk,
Thanks for your message, I am also based in Makati and if I can help you then lets make arrangements to meet, I can then see your needs and what we have to do to achieve them.

I have had a few others enquire also so will have to try to fit you in when I can.

my email address is, can you email me with some details.

1. What level are you now ?
2. How old are you.
3. When can you or evening or both ?
4. What area of badminton do yo wish to improve the most ?
5. How much coaching have you had before...if any ?
6. Your real name ?

I'm quite easy going so don't worry about the questions above, they just give me some info beforehand.


Saysay Libanon said...

hello coach, i know that this post of yours was last 2007 and now is 2017, but i really want to achieve my dream coach to be a badminton player.. are you still finding someone to be trained by you coach? i am willing coach.. if you are still finding but if not, it's okay.. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking for coach as well.